Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What? Me ? Worry?

It sickens me that I have to write about this, but since everyone is getting their point across about this then why shouldn't I ? First off before starting, This Post will in no way be an oppertunity to express my racism, I am talking in the utmost of objectivity. my personal views in which i beleive am still entitled to i will keep to myself. Im talking about the man irresepective of the color of his skin. If it comes up in the post it would be to understand his psyche, which may or may not have been affected by the color issue.

Secondly, If I am talking about the politics of country in a totally different part of this planet it will be strictly because, it affects me, and seems to have also unjustifiably grabbed the attention of many people i beleived, and still beleive that are very passive and politically apathetic. So like i said, here are my two scents in this issue once and for all, you got it here, straight from the lions mouth.

I am shocked, amazed and utterly respect the Values of the American people, with the amount of Rednecks and Racists and Neo Nazis on that continent, I expected blood after the outcome of the elections. I am sure alot of people arent happy with Obama being president, but the self control and discipline displayed after the results were out is truly truly ( and one more time for emphasis) Truly admirable.

I try to imagine if this experiment was performed in other parts of the world, I wont mention names but try to imagine with me. A country where a member of a minority, be it religious or ethnic, a minorty wel salam...actually makes it to the elections, and actually wins..and rules against the majority of the people , fair and square...with no rambling, no conspiracy theories, no character assassination campaigns no contesting legitimacy...a clean, clear cut fresh simple win.

Thats impressive.

That is a cause for celebration,

Mandela, King, Bhutto , Ayman Nour, your efforts and lives didnt go to waste.

Im sure when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and their cohorts when they decided to conjure up a Democratic America I doubt that they ever thought of having a brutha in the white house 44 successors down the line.

But you know the cool thing about it is...

As much as they would be alarmed by it......

They wouldnt object....

Tis the will of the people, then let it be...


Respect also goes out to a man, who fought the odds...who in 12 years started a political career and culminated it with the highest office of the land...

The leader of the free world.

But lets call a spade a spade..

Obama isnt exactly the Boy from the Hood.

White Mom, White Grandparents who raised him, Stepdad in the far east, lived there for a bit, Kenyan paternal roots..

Not exactly anyones definition of "Ghetto"

So whats the big deal, the dude knows the lingo, walks the walk, talks the talk, dons the suit and ties the tie..

Hes a Washington Veteran

A landmark of Capitol Hill

Wheres the surprise,

okay he beat Hilary, but if that says anything is that America fears its women more than its minorities.

And yes America is Racist, ask any minority, ask any brutha from the hood whos been stopped caught pushing dope once, hes typecast forever,

Ask any person whos name ends with a vowel, they'll tell you everyone thinks they got "Family Ties" and when they work in law enforcement, watch how IA deal with them.

Ask anyone from the Middle east about the shit they go through, and no its not just about September 11th..

Now that we have dealt with the obvious, lets put the man aside, look at the stances and ideas...

First off, i think there never before has been a unified stance over a presidential candidate, Democrats and Republicans alike. Why?

Is he that good?

How could we tell? his track record as Senator?

His promises in his campaign?

What if they are all calculated? someone who just wants to please everybody? someone who doesnt want any enemies?

Not a bad way to go through life now isnt it?

He'll withdraw troops outta Iraq ( scores points with Arabs and Patriotic Fathers with sons on duty)

He remains to beleive that Jerusalem should be the Capital of Israel ( scores points with AIPAC)

I dont know what you think, but to me that is someone who wants to please everyone, someone who wants to secure a win and is fishing for votes, which is..the reason why they do have presidential campaigns...

It would be naiive and gulible to hold politicians to their word during a campaign

It would be naiive and gulible to hold politicians to their word anytime..

I guess final judgement on this one will come when he actually is in office, and yes i am skeptical about that. With several attempts on his life as presidential nominee, and even some before the official nomination ( im not keeping count), the Secret Service have a hell of a job coming up for them..

This is merely the beginning.

It would be impressive if they keep him alive until the inaguration.

It would be more impressive if he outlasts Kennedy in Office.

Kennedy was a pleaser too..

Kennedy was admired, respected,

Obama is admired, and heck he is respected,

Kennedy was a Democrat...

Obama is a Democrat..

Okay, back to policies, What do Democrats stand for, i wouldnt know..Is Obama a textbook Democrat i also wouldnt know, but if Obama is going to change as promised, it will all be on the inside, with the Economic crisis im sure there are bigger fish to fry than global warming (which mere talking about costs money) than the situation in the middle east ( which mere thinking about costs truckloads of money) etc...

With Americas pockets turned inside out at the hope of loose change falling out, dont expect America to be throwing around aid and helping development and liberating nations. That is the logical stance irresepective of the color of your party. Its the obvious,

you can forget seeing Uncle Sam on the International Arena for a while, they cant afford it anymore (literally).

Most of American influence in the Greater Middle East is about promised Money, they pressure by cutting off aid, now probably they might cut it off anyway cause they need the money, how can they exert pressure.

Theyre trying to bail outta Iraq and Afghanistan cause its costing them too much money, they wont go anywhere else but home, And dont Attribute it to Obama, Joe the Plumber if elected woulda done that...its the logical thing.

Tax raises, obvious too..

Better Healthcare? Id like to see that one, and im sure alot of Americans would too..

Homeland Security? really? ever looked at the price tag of a metal detector?

So what is Obama really gonna do?

What is he really gonna change?

Really...tell me...

Im Curious...


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