Monday, December 10, 2007

The Tyranny of Man

We live in a world dominated by man.Everything succumbs to his utility. Things are created and destroyed at his command. He has definetley come a long way since donning a loincloth over his privates and sheltering in a grove inside a mountain. He had humility back then? what about now?


Man? humility? you must be talking about a different species...the Tyranny of man has made him believe he is God...he creates fast, destroys faster utilizes nature to serve his interests, creates his own mechanical nature to serve his interests better and faster, never content with what he has achieved, constantly asking for more. He creates a wheel, it helps him move things, get to places faster...its not fast enough, it must carry heavier greater distances in shorter times.. the wheel must spin faster, faster than any animal can pull, stronger than any being created by God could push...
Faster Faster Faster...add more horses...

the wood breaks...

make it out of stone

the stone is too heavy...cant shape it

we must find something Else

dig the earth..turn its insides out, there must be something we can use.

Man discovers minerals, they're strong, less dense than stone, yet as sturdy..and malleable.

use them

they must melt..


Enter element not created by man...merely discovered. Man understands it, harnesses it, controls it with a lights his way, keeps him warm, protects him from wild beasts, cooks his food and melts his minerals
Man melts his minerals, fuses them together to make strong metals, metals although created by fire, can harness it inside itself..and make man launch fire at will.

Fire heats his water in the winter...creates steam..along with machines created from metal..he creates a factory..and unleashes the sheer power of industry.

Man and Machine, the possibilities are endless where the latter is a mindless slave with colossal powers created to service the desires of the former. Man utilizes weaker men to do his bidding, either by promise of reward or promise of punishment in the event the weaker man refuses. You see man has the power to do that for he has created weapons, that breathe fire...initially created to vanquish the dangerous beasts that threaten man...but these beasts are all gone has conquered them all, locked them up in cages for his personal viewing, but the gun trade must go on. These weapons are used on weaker men, if they don't do our bidding.

Man has successfully created his empire thanks to man, machine and nature...and no other competitor.

Actually there is a competitor to man

His fellow men..

For man in his inherent nature, although social still retains individuality...individuality not for the collective benefit of the group, but for his own personal interests..not only when Man and the Groups interests conflict, but it has developed further to selfish greed and opportunity in all instances, not only when group interest conflicts with his own.
Why should man be an emperor and his fellow man be a peasant? why should we have two empires when we can have one?
Congratulations man has officially waged war on himself, and has vowed to his own self destruction, reacting senselessly to the threat of himself, and destroying everything else in the way, the mountain that sheltered him, the tree that fed him when he was helpless, the earth that carried him the very air he breathes..
Air...he even invaded the sky..., piercing it with his missiles, planes..he created wings for himself, when God created him without...the sky is no longer the limit to the Tyranny of Man...nor is the has no gills..yet he has oxygen tanks , man has no fins, yet he created flippers for himself, man cant see underwater, he created diving masks, man can float...but should he be able to swim? was he supposed to conquer the element of water too?
And like conquering the element of Air, he previously conquered the earth's seas and oceans centuries before.
Why stop at the has recently began the endeavour of conquering outer-space yet we always depict man as the victim of an invasion when aliens are bought up in a conversation. Horror movies are about man eating sharks not shark hunting men.. how many men have been eaten by beasts? compare that number to how many beasts have been eaten by men.
On a smaller not only wants to destroy his fellow men, but destroy himself as well..he concocts the weirdest of potions, burns the most random of herbs or oils to lose his mind for recreation. He discards the only thing God gave him over his fellow creatures to be better than him...we temporarily devolve into lesser beings by choice, and at extensive risks and prices...because we can.
We seek pleasure in the weirdest of the arms or body of a stranger in exchange for the risk of creating an unwanted man and contracting deadly incurable disease, and instead of taking those who perish as a result as an example that would knock us back to our senses...we come up with the weirdest inventions and keep up with the behaviour...we come up with poisons that prevent that kill men in creation, or funnily enough rubber sheaths to place on our edifices.
Our innovation has also went far enough into healing ourselves from the deadliest diseases..increase our longevity as much as possible to the extent that we long outlive the expiry date of our bodies. not only that, we create spare parts of ourselves, and create copies ourselves in ridiculous attempts to immortalize ourselves, even when nature gets hold of us we try to immortalize ourselves even after we perish...we erect likenesses of ourselves in stone...or capture images of ourselves on paper...have writers conjure up stories for people to read when we are gone, and celebrate only the ones of our kind that convince us they have made our lives better, and we mourn their loss as if they are irreplaceable..neglecting the fact that they will always be replaced...and will eventually be forgotten.
We are an ever increasing race that always replaces its significant losses by excessive breeding and expensive nurturing..
We seek pleasure in controlling machines that go fast enough to kill us if they jump out of planes..and risk turning into human paste in a forest, we make believe that we are killing fellow men, killing beasts or conquering other fellow men, take pleasure in acting out that we are deviant, or go gawk eyed at the sight of someone enacting our ill fantasies of destruction, mayhem and havoc...and glorify them as heroes either in literature or media, make them wear colorful and eye catchy garments and say silly quotes to increase their appeal.
We even utilize our own to further the desire to own pointless creations that eventually will be replaced by other pointless creations soon enough...not when we feel like it , but when the creators of these pointless items feel like buying a new house somewhere, or driving a faster car...We fuel one another's desires..because we are too idle to be concerned about other matters...matters we have forgotten...matters our grandfathers were worried about..matters such as we need shelter in a cave, we need fruit to feed the little ones, we need heat to survive from the cold. It was these needs that created human innovation in the first place, some of our kind ( the older ones) have perished as a result of merely attempting to achieve these needs.

the needs have been achieved...

the sacrifices have been forgotten

we move on

convincing ourselves with new needs...our supremacy gets to our head...we go crazy with these new needs...pushing our luck...believing there are no limits to achievement...its achievement for the sake of achievement, proving to ourselves we are not worthy of existence unless there is progress...

I look at the Carnage man has left in his journey to attempted divinity...I don't call that progress...

look at all the men that have died, the beasts that have been butchered, the nature destroyed, the diversity that ceases to exist, the jungles of trees and mud are replaced with those of concrete, steel and asphalt, the beasts that roam free are ones powered with 9mm bullets and smoke emitting chariots that go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds...and they know no master nor respect no law...but they are not the only beasts...

other beasts feed off the needs and desires of the lesser fellows, they nourish on their strife and fuel their dreams with the lesser fellow's sweat and blood...they create empires in a few years...and destroy other empires in a few minutes..armed with platoons of lesser men who are not only fed by their masters but feed their masters too...these well polished beasts also know no master nor respect no law..

We all are Tyrannous, cause we all Are men...(and women for the feminists out there) if not in this, then in is our nature..which like what some believe will eventually be what destroys us.. I'm not worried if its true...its only logical..
But what i am worried about is that we have the foresight to notice it...and out of being a Man who is tyrannous, will have the pride to believe we can do something about it...yet we don't..

Are we really going too far?


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